May 20, 2015

Just the Tips

May 20, 2015

Just the Tips

Written byHighway Twenty
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After work last Friday, we took the team to our favorite backup office / second home / personal kitchen to celebrate two of our #superinterns graduating from college. After a round of cocktails, our seasoned (read: old) team members decided to selflessly impart life tips unto the new grads. Some of the tips made it onto Twitter that night, but for those of you who had better things to do on a Friday night, we thought we’d share them in full.

We present to you: Just the Tips.

  1. It’s all about the company you keep.
  2. Stay humble.
  3. It’s not just about hustling. It’s about knowing what to put your hustle into.
  4. 30 isn’t old. You think it seems so old now. But you’ll be there so soon and then you’ll think – wow, those old ladies weren’t old at all.
  5. Tinder Tip: Don’t try to be funny in your bio if you’re not actually funny. Even if you’re a total babe. Use [pizza emoji :: pizza emoji] instead.
  6. Life is never over…until it’s actually over.
  7. Don’t be afraid to grow out of people. Or things. Or places.
  8. Accept change in yourself and others.
  9. Don’t assume other people are paying attention to you. They’re just worrying about themselves also. So you do you. #youdoyou
  10. Don’t be afraid to start all over.
  11. We’re all chipped cups. No one is as cool as they seem. Thanks Beauty & the Beast.
  12. Projecting your insecurities onto others is real. Don’t do that.
  13. Stop apologizing for things you don’t have control over and for fear of making a mistake. Just try things. Then you’ll know.

We know we’ve left out some pretty important life tips here, and the list would have gone on, but we got distracted by YikYak and nachos.

…To be continued