Aug 1, 2016

New Project Launch: Arizona Kids Consortium Website

August 1, 2016

New Project Launch: Arizona Kids Consortium Website

Arizona Kids Consortium New Website  The Arizona Kids Consortium has a new website! The association is a coalition of organizations that work together to improve foster and adoption in Arizona.

Highway Twenty worked with the Kids Consortium, including representatives from over thirty licensing agencies, to identify the key barriers and challenges a new website needed to address.

The old site (below) was not providing value to potential foster and adoptive families. There was little content and almost no information about how to get started on the adoption or fostering process. The branding on the site also needed updating to reflect a more modern, highly visual design.


HT_AZ-Kids_Before (1)



As a first step, the Highway Twenty team conducted a discovery process centered on better understanding the information needs of prospective foster and adoptive families, as well as those of other secondary audiences, such as people who want to advocate for or assist these families.

Each agency has it’s own website, as does the State of Arizona, and numerous adjacent organizations that support families. There is no lack of information on fostering and adopting, but there is often too much, and the majority of those sites are not mobile friendly, infrequently updated and not up to modern design standards.


The goal of the new site was to create a welcoming destination to begin the process of learning more about fostering and adoption in a modern layout that functioned more like a media site than an online brochure.


Highway Twenty identified the top questions the new site needed to address based on conversations with adoption counselors and an analysis of search trends and other websites, and created content that would address these questions.

One of the main problems experienced by Kids Consortium agencies is that people who attend orientations often lack basic understanding of foster and adoption requirements and aren’t a good fit. This is a waste of time for both those individuals and the agencies who organize the events.

The new website is designed to create opportunities for prospective foster and adoptive families to get the information they need to start the process in a central place, and funnel more qualified leads to the agencies that work with them to take the next steps, either by connecting to an agency directly or signing up to receive more information via email.



Arizona has a foster care crisis, and it’s the Kids Consortium’s goal to connect some of these thousands of children in need of loving homes to temporary and sometimes permanent care. It’s challenging and time consuming to recruit foster and adoptive parents, people often fall out of the process due to confusion or information overload.

It’s now easier for potential parents to find the information that they’re looking for, and easier for Kids Consortium members, who are often on volunteer committees, to update the site.

The full case study will be available in our portfolio soon. In the meantime, check out the new azkidsconsortium.com.