Oct 4, 2016

Online Giving Fast Facts

October 4, 2016

Online Giving Fast Facts

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With Giving Tuesday and end of year fundraising fast approaching, a solid plan for online giving is critical. To help you plan your campaigns (and convince your boss that baby boomers do give online!), here are some quick facts and trends about online donations and giving days:


Online donations were 7.1% of all fundraising in 2015 (Blackbaud)

Online giving in 2015 grew by 9.2% (Blackbaud)

US donors were more likely to report using their mobile phone to read emails, view websites, and make charitable donations through an organization’s website versus people in the UK or Australian (Blackbaud)

People Who Give on Giving Days

  • Millennials (b 1980-1995). Most likely to contribute to work-sponsored initiatives, text to donate, and watch videos before giving.
  • Gen X (b 1965-1979). Most likely to fundraise on behalf of an organization, make a pledge, and volunteer their time.
  • Boomers (b 1945-1964). Most likely to make recurring monthly, quarterly and/or yearly donations.
  • Greatest (b before 1944). Most likely to respond to direct mail campaigns and donate physical goods

Source: MobileCause

On average, US donors over the age of 65 gave more than three times the amount donated by those ages 18-24 and nearly twice as much as donors ages 25-34 (BlackBaud)

The percentage of donors 40-59 years old giving online has increased from 47% in 2010 to 67% in 2015 (Dunham+Company)

54% of donors 60 years old and older say they have given online, making this demographic just as likely to give online as those under 40 (Dunham+Company)

Digital Use

The time that people spend on mobile web apps is up from last year — from 118 billion minutes in June 2015 to 125 billion a year later (eMarketer)

85.7% of nonvoice time spent with smartphones is spent with apps, as opposed to just 14.3% spent on the mobile web (eMarketer)

Roughly 75% of time on tablets is spent with apps (eMarketer)

Nearly 14% of all donations received online were made using a mobile device in 2015 (Blackbaud)

Totals Raised on Giving Days

#GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015 (BlackBaud)

  • Raised over $39.6 million dollars
  • Donations up 52% from 2014
  • 17% of donations were made using mobile devices

Best Strategies

26% of donors now say they have given on a charity’s website as a result of being asked to do so by another individual through social media (Dunham+Company)

In 2010, only 6% of donors said they gave as a result of an email, but the number climbed to 20% in 2015 — a 300% increase (Dunham+Company)