Aug 5, 2016

RubiconMD Visual Identity Launch

August 5, 2016

RubiconMD Visual Identity Launch

RubiconMD, the leading provider of eConsults from Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) to Specialists, launched a new visual identity system this week. By streamlining clinician-to-clinician collaboration, the New York-based startup is democratizing medicine and transforming the healthcare system.



We partnered with RubiconMD to develop a sophisticated new brand system that can scale quickly with the company.

The logo and core mark represent the collaboration between PCPs and specialists, centering patients and creating wholeness and strength where the two clinicians meet. The color selections, modern primary hues, are intentionally minimalist and are transparent when they meet, creating a new color in the palette that only exists when the two core elements overlap.




The system features clean lines, photography filled with life and movement, and white space — putting the core elements of the brand and the company’s story at the forefront. To launch the new identity, we designed the company’s new website, business cards, and other touchpoints.


We are proud to partner with RubiconMD’s truly thoughtful and savvy team. Full case study coming soon — in the meantime,  check out their new website.