May 6, 2016

What We’re Reading: 5.6.16

May 6, 2016

What We’re Reading: 5.6.16

What We're Reading: 5.6.16

Nonprofits have begun to invest more heavily in digital marketing. A new study offers benchmarks when it comes to email, social and digital advertising. Check it out and see how your ROI compares.

Study sizes up nonprofits’ online metrics, Associations Now

Download the study: http://mrbenchmarks.com


A new study explains why listening to podcasts is so enjoyable for listeners (including us). An extra bonus: some of our favorite hosts chatted about why the medium has improved for audiences and hosts alike.

How podcasting got better, The Fader

This is your brain on podcasts, The New York Times


The average person spends 50 minutes on Facebook and related apps (Instagram, Messenger) every day. The social network’s move to “own” news distribution has added to the time spent on the site. Ever wonder what determines trending topics there?

Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More, The New York Times

Want to know what Facebook really thinks of journalists? Here’s what happened when it hired some, Gizmodo


Major brands and social platforms are using chatbots to offer new levels of personalization to their sites. But will chatbots really change how websites are designed?

Are chatbots really the future of web design?, Fast Company Design

Here are some more reads for your weekend reading list:

Blame it on the Zodiac killer: did social media ruin Ted Cruz’s campaign?, The Guardian (LOLOLOLOL)

Resettling the first American climate refugees, The New York Times

20 years of the WSJ.com, The Wall Street Journal